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I was born in Mahmutlar Neighborhood in Alanya District, Antalya on 09.03.1978. I have worked in various branches in my business life which I began in 2000. I began to engage in real estate sector business , which I like and prefer to get involved in, professionally in 2001. My main principle regarding my professional approach was always to provide our customers to get their money’s worth for our sales and after- sales services fully . I have never adopted the approach of “we perform our sales and do not care our customers later on” and shall never adopt it. I have worked trustfully and determinedly by appreciating everybody as they deserve. Naturally, we accomplished such process together with my l employees, under a roof of a family which we established by a team spirit. In this direction, we moved on along with our valuable friends who trust, rely and appreciate us and we shall go further.

Particularly, for our after sales services, we have never compromised our principle; “ Full Customer Satisfaction”. With our customer relations based on sincerity and confidence, we have established friendships with our customers whom we shared our happiness and sadness.

We began to our activities in the construction sector with our “NOVİTA RESIDENCES” projects in 2013 which we had composed our references and gained experience early on. The expression and meaning of the word;” NOVITA”, our brand, hereby consist of two separate words ; “NOVAM” and “VITAM” which mean “ NEW” and “LIFE ”in Turkish respectively . My family and my team assisted me much while this trade mark was being formed.

Our NOVITA RESIDENCE projects are fully human oriented, nature- friendly, life- sustaining and investment projects In our NOVITA RESIDENCES projects ; we gave importance to the location, social activities within the site and employability of these activities . For instance; it is a nature- friendly system which heats the water from air with its cutting edge technology heating pump and which decreases the cost of use thus provides opportunity for the use of indoor pool, and having a cooling feature as well, instead of electric resistance system which is used in most of the sites but which is not used common due to its higher cost of indoor pool operation because of the cheap but higher volume of electricity consumption.

Sonmez Real Estate & Construction” – is the largest licensed real estate agency and construction company in Alanya city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey since 2001. Today our company has the most extensive and up-to-date database of real estate objects in Alanya. We are also engaged in investing, offering quality and reliable services in construction, which corresponds to world standards. Our task is to provide people with a safe and secure life.

The main value for our company is our customers and investors, therefore we are attentive to the needs of our customers, and we are constantly expanding the list of services we provide. Each of our customers is dear to us, so we make every effort to satisfy all your needs and wishes, offering a wide range of real estate in Turkey and an individual approach to each customer.

We rely only on long-term relationships and will make sure that your investment is as profitable, comfortable and safe as possible. The employees of our company will be happy to help you with any questions. Sonmez Real Estate & Construction is a profitable investment in your future.

“Sonmez Real Estate & Construction” is a profitable investment in your future! »

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