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Real Estate Insurance

Sonmez Real Estate & Construction will help you insure your property. Home and property insurance will save you from unnecessary worries and expenses in unforeseen situations. There is insurance against:

  • Property damage as a result of fire, smoke, flood, landslide, flooding, hurricane, heavy snowfall, hail.
  • Damage caused as a result of theft, glass breakage, strikes, riots, terrorist acts, illegal actions of third parties, operation of land and air vehicles.

The coverage may also include reimbursement of rental costs due to property damage, as well as liability for damage to property of third parties. You can also take advantage of additional coverage under earthquake property damage insurance.

(DASK) Compulsory earthquake insurance. Earthquake Damage Insurance (DASK) is a compulsory type of insurance in Turkey. The insurance coverage includes compensation for damage in case of damage:

  • Constructive elements of the apartment (walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, landings).
  • The insured building (including the foundation).
  • Damage caused by fire, explosion and landslide caused by an earthquake is also covered.

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