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Today a new school year began in Turkey

Today a new school year began in Turkey

Today a new school year began in Turkey. As in many countries in Europe and America there is no fixed start date. As a rule, the school year begins in the second or third week of September. Very often it happens even at the end of the first autumn month, which allows children and their parents to enjoy the soft season on the sea. For example, in 2015, lessons began on 28 of September. Most often it depends on the date of Kurban Bayram. This year, the new school year started on September 9 and will end on June 19, 2020. Also, from this year, schoolchildren and students will have as many as four holidays.  According to the Ministry of educationwhich it will give the opportunity to rest more and  to absorb betterthe curriculum. For preschool and first-graders, as usual, the school year began a week earlier, so that they can easily adapt to new conditions. Before the start of the school year, the mayor’s office of Alanya checked all schools for readiness to meet their students and compliance with all standards. Also, a new secondary school opened its doors in Kargicak for the first time.

In the center of Alanya on Ataturk square, today was a solemn event dedicated to the new academic year. At schools there are the also solemn and cultural events.

In total this year about 70 thousand pupils and students went to schools and universities of Alanya.  The staff of Sonmez company wholeheartedly congratulates all students and wishes them great success in the new academic year, and, of course, only excellent marks!



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