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The soft season has started in Turkey

The soft season has started in Turkey

The soft season has started in Turkey. This is the perfect time to enjoy vacations on the coast of the cleanest Mediterranean Sea, where, unlike the Black and Aegean, it will last more longer. Why now? There are several reasons for that.

First, prices. At that time, the main flow of tourists has already passed, hotels, tour operators, discount prices. The same applies to the owners of shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as excursions. So you can relax quite budget, with absolutely no loss of quality.

Second, peace and quiet. In summer, families with children mainly come to rest. Now, in September, young travelers have already gone to school, the flow of tourists has decreased significantly. Therefore, on the beaches, in cafes and on the streets of Alanya there are no such crowds. It became much quieter and quieter. The excursions are also much less crowded, you can enjoy the sights and beauty of Alanya in peace and quiet.

Third, the weather. Now the temperature of water and air is about the same, there is no such heavy heat, in the evenings there is no suffocating humidity, as in July and August. On the Mediterranean coast, this comfort will continue until October. Although it will be possible to swim longer, sometimes even in November. Some fans enjoy the sea even in December, because this month comes to Alanya Turkish autumn.

Fourth, shopping. At this time, the season of discounts begins. Shop owners are trying to quickly get rid of the summer collection, so the maximum discount prices, which are so small in Alanya. You will be able to buy very budget in multiple stores not only summer things, but also autumn, as the autumn collection begins to be exhibited at the end of August.

And of course, a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, which cannot be able in the Nordic countries. Come to Alanya for your vacations and don’t forget to visit our office in Mahmullar!



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