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A big children’s holiday will start in Alanya on Sunday, November 24

A big children’s holiday will start in Alanya on Sunday, November 24

A big children’s holiday will start in Alanya on Sunday, November 24. The festival, better known as the “Kite festival ” will open at 11am on the beach in Damlatash.

Kite-fun is not only original, but also very popular. Every year not only children but also  adults waite this day. This is an amazing opportunity not only to spend this day with the whole family on the sea coast, but also to plunge into childhood, surrounded by the same owners of different colored designs. The successful combination of wind, skill and dexterity allows kites to rise very high in the air, and the most skillful manage to write out even all sorts of pirouettes.

But the main goal of the festival is not only this colorful riot in the sky. This is a real family holiday, where both adults and children are covered by the same emotions, where adults rejoice with children, where there is a desire to give each child an unforgettable impression, vivid emotions and the opportunity to demonstrate their model and themselves in the ability to control the elements. It is for this every year in Alanya residents gather and young and adults. Participants of the festival will be schoolchildren, pupils of kindergartens and various educational institutions. The authorities of the region invite everyone to the holiday.

Kite museum

By the way, Turkey has a unique kite Museum, the only one in the country. It opened its doors to visitors in 2006. It is located in Istanbul. Its collection includes more than two and a half thousand exhibits from different countries. Also everything related to their production and launch is presented there. The collection of these exhibits began in 1986 .

“During our childhood, we did not have the opportunity to buy a beautiful kite. We made them ourselves, mixed flour with water to make a paste, and then smeared it on newsprint and tree branches. Today, we really want to revive the culture of kite flying, ” Mehmet Naji Akez, Chairman of the city’s kite lovers Association, explained the decision.



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