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Exhibition of contemporary Russian artists.

Exhibition of contemporary Russian artists.

On September 16, the cultural center of Alanya will open its doors exhibition of contemporary Russian artists. The exhibition has name Impressions. The main theme of the exhibition – impressions of Alanya. But it is not the usual impressions of the rest in this beautiful city. This is an attempt to express the feelings of foreigners who have lived in Alanya for several years.

Feelings and emotions

Feelings and emotions are sometimes very difficult to convey through an ordinary photo, but emotions really need to be shared. It is very difficult to explain why do you want to look at the bright light of the sun, when it hurts your eyes. It’s hard to tell why are you suffocating, looking at the endless blue sea. It`s impossible to explain how the sun’s rays burn your skin, but you still don’t want to leave the sun. Such feelings cannot be explained in words and conveyed with by photos.

With the help of abstract painting, it is possible to convey not only your emotions. And also to look into the soul of another person, to touch the part that sees the very special moment, when the sun goes down directly into the sea, painting it in a unique crimson color.

All these people, artists, came to Alanya from different parts of Russia, they united spontaneously and accidentally under the leadership of Maria Miha, curator of the exhibition and teacher of the painting studio in Alanya. According to her, she is very concerned about the role of contemporary art in society, so she tries to convey the power of painting to the audience. Therefore, now she presents to the general public the most interesting works of the artists of her studio.

The unique exhibition of sensory perception of the city will last until September 30, admission is free.



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