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A festival of tulips began in Istanbul

A festival of tulips began in Istanbul
Biggest rug made of tulips in the world on the Sultan Ahmet Square in Istanbul.

The tulips festival in Istanbul, organized in April, will host various events in the park of the 60th anniversary of Goztepe, Emirgan-Corus and Sultan Ahmet Square with attractive to the audience visual effects.

The festival will be held from 1 to 30 April 2018 and with its music groups and live concerts will provide joyful moments to local residents and guests of Istanbul. Ebru artists will meet art lovers with their live performances, photo exhibitions will be opened.
Visitors of the festival will enjoy sports events as well.
Since 2006, the Tulip Festival has been held every year in Emirgan-Corus park, which is also known as the nature miracle. The number of local and foreign visitors to this unusual event is actively increasing every year. It is one of those rare events in where you can see the unique elegance of tulips.



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