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Turkey presented its first national car

Turkey presented its first national car

In a country that has been producing cars under license since the middle of the last century, there was a real breakthrough – on December 27, 2019, Turkey presented its first national car. Considering the importance of this event the presentation was attended by the country’s President Erdogan.

The cars were released under the national brand TOGG, a mid-size crossover and sedan, which are created on the same platform. The Italian company Pininfarina worked on the design. Both cars are electric cars, where an electric motor equal to 200 or 400 horsepower will allow you to accelerate to 100 km / h in 7.6 seconds in the basic version, and in 4.8 seconds in the all-wheel drive version. The technical characteristics of the batteries allow you to drive on a single charge from 300 to 500 km, while you can charge the batteries up to 80 percent in just half an hour.

Inside, the new items are also striking. The spacious salons are filled to overflowing with various screens and displays. The three on the front panel are a digital dashboard, infotainment system screen, and a passenger screen. Below them is a display for climate control. The exterior mirrors have been replaced with video cameras, the image from which is also transmitted to the screens inside the car. There is also a cruise control with a traffic assistant. On-Board systems will receive updates thanks to 5G networks, which allow the car to communicate not only with other road users, but even with a smart home.

In the organization of production TOGG invest 22 billion liras (about 3.7 billion dollars). Construction of the plant in Bursa province in North-Western Turkey will be completed in 2021. It is planned to produce 175 thousand cars of five models a year. In 2022, the first commercial electric car will come off the Assembly line. According to President Erdogan, who promised to buy the first copy, by the same time the country will be ready charging infrastructure. At the same time, TOGG plans to work for export, starting, of course, with Europe.

The first Turkish car brand Devrim was created on October 29, 1961, but was not put into production. One of the four Devrim prototypes stalled during testing “due to lack of fuel”. Negative propaganda at the time led to the collapse of the project.

And now,  58 years later, the citizens of Turkey were finally able to realize their dream to see a domestic car on the roads.



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