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Sleeping capsules appeared in Istanbul airport

Sleeping capsules appeared in Istanbul airport

The new Istanbul airport is a huge transport hub, receiving and sending hundreds of thousands of passengers every day. There are a lot of connecting flights, when passengers are forced to wait long time. Therefore, the airport management went to meet the passengers, and as a result, sleeping capsules appeared in Istanbul airport.

For passengers waiting for flights at Istanbul airport, a model of a sleep capsule called ” IGA Sleepod “was put into operation. Passengers can rent these capsules on an hourly basis. The cost of the capsule was set at 9 euros per hour. The service is launched in the international terminal in order to increase the comfort of passengers waiting for a flight.
Guests are provided with free disposable sheets, blankets and pillows for an additional 2 euros. After each passenger, the used materials go to the dry cleaners. Inside there is a USB port and socket, so passengers can use their mobile phones and other electronic devices. At the bottom of the sleeping cabin there is a special area where the passenger can put their hand Luggage.

Long-awaited idea

The idea of building capsule hotels in airports appeared long ago, but it was only implemented in 2017. For the first time, the Japanese succeeded. The capsule hotel is a Japanese invention for workaholics who missed the last train. In its original form, it was a windowless sleeping box that contained only a bed. The essence of the capsules is that a person can stay in it for several hours during the transfer, without leaving the airport or leaving the transit zone.

At the moment, many airports in many countries already offer such facilities. Following the Japanese, sleep capsules appeared at airports in China, then in Germany, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, the UAE, Russia, France, the UK, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, and the United States.

The network of capsule hotels covers airports that accept a huge number of passengers on both domestic and international flights. The essence of the rooms is one-it is an opportunity to relax right at the airport for a few hours, waiting for your departure. The “numbers” differ only in the size and services provided. In some places, in addition to the bed, you can find even additional sofas, equipped workplaces and even a private bathroom.


Olga Polianichkina

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