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President Putin paid a visit to Turkey on January 8

President Putin paid a visit to Turkey on January 8

This visit of the Russian leader to Turkey was announced by the Turkish side in November last year. And in its “pure form” was supposed to become a kind of anthem of Russian-Turkish trade and economic cooperation. Finally, on January 8, President Putin paid a visit to Turkey.

Turkish stream gas pipeline

At the meeting with Turkish President Erdogan, there were two important moments. The first is a solemn ceremony of commissioning the Turkish stream gas pipeline. It will transport Russian natural gas to Turkey and Europe through Turkey. This is a historical moment, which both sides have been moving towards for a long time. And which is extremely beneficial to both countries.

Relations between the two countries have been developing rapidly for more than 500 years. President Erdogan said at the meeting: “We know that this brings positive results both for our people and for our region, when two established States of the Eurasian geography cooperate. It is impossible to forget the support we saw from our Russian friends in our war of independence. Even in the most acute periods of the cold war, Russia and Turkey did not allow violations of the law of the neighborhood. And recently, we have not allowed our differences to interfere with our common interests. ”

Difficult choice

The second part of the meeting between the two presidents was purely political. It put both sides before a difficult choice, given the situation that has developed recently in the middle East.

“The ongoing tension between our ally the United States and our neighbor Iran has reached a point where we don’t want it at all,” Erdogan said, stressing that there have been many painful days recently in terms of regional developments. “As Turkey, we do not want Iraq, Syria, Lebanon or the Persian Gulf region, where more than 30 percent of energy trade goes out by sea, to become the scene of military action.»

Erdogan said the region is tired by the ongoing conflicts of the past 20 years. Millions of innocent people from Iraq to Syria were paying the price of proxy wars between various powers. The ancient cities of Islamic civilization, a land of peace and prosperity for centuries, were in ruins.

Thus, at the moment, Russia and Turkey are two players who are making historic steps, building a strategic partnership in many areas, from energy to nuclear power, from security to technology, and must act together.



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