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In Turkey, preparing for the celebration of Kurban Bayram

In Turkey, preparing for the celebration of Kurban Bayram

In Turkey, preparing for the celebration of Kurban Bayram. In 2019, this traditional Muslim festival of sacrifice falls will be on August 11, Sunday. And it will last until Wednesday, August 14th. That is, Turkey is expected three days off.

Kurban Bayram, or Eid al-Adha, is one of the two main Muslim holidays, where the main tradition is the slaughter of sacrificial animals, in memory of how the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) was ready to sacrifice his son, but in the last moment Allah took his hand away and sent him a ram to sacrifice him instead of his son. There is a similar story in the Bible, right? Therefore, now the Muslims of Turkey and of the whole world on this day thank Allah for generosity and show determination to always remain loyal to him.

A few days before the holiday, lamb was brought to Turkish cities from villages. Traditionally, a third of the meat from sacrificial animals is cooked at home, a third is distributed to relatives and neighbors, and a third goes to poor families and needy. At home, the hostess prepares the first festive dish – fried lamb liver. These days, the Turkish table, which is set for celebrations, is always very plentiful and mostly meaty.

Also, the Turks are sweeping away sweets in stores, which also play a very important role in the celebration. Sweets, cakes, and traditional baklava are used.

The first day of the holiday begins with ablution, then everyone goes to prayer at the mosque, after which they go to cemeteries to pray for the souls of the departed relatives. And after all this, the main event begins – the slaughter of the animal. Traditionally, this is done by Kurbanji, the head of the family, or a highly respected relative or guest of honor. Women may also attend this event, but are not allowed to act.

This day, besides its religious meaning, also has a deep social subtext – after all, on this holiday it is customary to gather with your family, communicate more closely with your relatives, and see your friends again. It is also customary to forgive and put up with those with whom you are in a quarrel. Many go to their parents, so in Turkey there is a massive local migration of the population. In this regard, transport companies announced the launch of additional flights these days, many highways and bridges became free. Bus stations, train stations and airports have also prepared for a multiple increase in passenger traffic.

Kurban Bayramınız mübarek olsun!



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