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Property Insurance

We will provide all kind of assistance in getting your property insured so that your house or apartment in Alanya are properly covered. The following risks may be included in insurance coverage:
Damage to the property caused by:
– fire;
– fumigation;
– flood;
– landslide;
– flooding;
– hurricane;
– heavy snowfall;
– hail. Damage resulted in:
– theft;
– broken glass;
– strike;
– unrests;
– terroristic activities;
– third parties` malicious acts;
– land and air vehicles operation.

Your policy may also cover rental costs incurred due to the damage to your property, and your third party liability in case you cause damage to other`s property.

There is also an option to utilize additional coverage for your property in case of damage caused by earthquake. Wear and tear will not apply to amount of compensation paid to you.

Compulsory earthquake insurance agreement covers:
– structural elements of your (walls, ceilings, floors, stairs);
– insured building (including its groundwork);
Damage to property created by fire, explosion and landslide provided that these perils were caused by earthquake is also included into coverage.

Maximum insurance amount
DASK defines maximum insurance amount on a yearly basis taking into account changes in price. A basic amount of 100,000 TL is set for all kind of properties starting from 02/08/2006. Building reconstruction price, level of seismic hazard of location, type of building construction and total area are among factors defining the insurance amount.

For further details, please contact us using method that suits you most.