Real Estate in Turkey

Expert Assessment Of The Property

Study and expert assessment of real estate objects, in particular:

  • Analysis of registration records about the object.
  • Checking for compliance with the actual and legal status of the property.
  • Checking for the absence of encumbrances (arrest, mortgage, debt obligations).
  • Checking whether measures related to the property were carried out to nationalize it or alienate it into ownership by an organization or public authorities.
  • Checking for the absence of debts to government bodies (tax, utility payments).
  • Checking for a permit to operate.
  • Checking the quality of the construction of the property, electrical wiring, water supply system.

If the property is a land plot:

  • Expert assessment of land value.
  • Checking for a development plan and compliance with this plan.
  • Construction quality control.
  • We can also offer you various construction options.

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