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Turkey celebrated Victory Day in 97 time!

Turkey celebrated Victory Day in 97 time!

August 30 annually Turkey celebrates a national holiday, in honor of the end of the struggle for independence of Turkey. This period entered the world history as one of the examples of national heroism and undeniable courage of local residents. On August 30, 2019, Turkey celebrated Victory Day in 97 time.

Turning point in turkish history

On August 22, 1922, the offensive of the Turkish army led by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk began. That ended on August 30 of the same year with a decisive defeat of the interventionists and turned out the history of Turkey.

After the end of the first world war, the Entente countries, referring to the agreement, brought their troops into Anatolia. They took control of the weapons depots, which put the Turkish army in an extremely difficult situation. The French, British and Italian armies completely captured all major cities like Istanbul, Adana, Antalya, Samsun. May 15 with the acceptation of the Entente Greek troops landed in Izmir. The future of Turkey was under great threat. Faced with a choice, either to surrender to the mercy of the occupiers, or to fight, the Turkish people began a national liberation movement.

Despite the pressure on Ataturk from the Entente, the people of Turkey more and more united to repel the invaders. The struggle for independence continued, particularly bloody were the battles in the area of Sakarya, which lasted 22 days. As a result, the enemy was defeated.

August 26 Mustafa Kemal Ataturk gives the order to launch a large-scale offensive, which demolished all enemy positions. Day after day the Turkish liberation army liberated city after city. The leader Ataturk arrived on the battlefield on the morning of August 30, 1922, and led the battle that changed the course of Turkish history.

Since then, this day is considered as a great national holiday in Turkish Republic.

Alanya celebrated the holiday

In this regard, celebrations were also in Alanya. At 9 am, the holiday began near the monument to the leader with the laying of wreaths. During the day, they opened access to the warship, which specially arrived in the port of Alanya the day before. Then in the evening, a huge number of people gathered in the city center for a procession with flags and portraits of Ataturk. It ended with a festive concert and fireworks.



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