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Every time the residents of Mahmutlar, the most populous district of Alanya, needed the services of a notary, they had to travel to Alanya. Now, 5 notary offices work in Alanya. Soon, thanks to the support of the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alanya (ALTSO), Mahmutlar, the first of the regions, opens its own notary office at number 6. Now the residents of this large settlement do not have to go anywhere.
Recently, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alanya Mehmet Shaheen met with its members in Mahmutlar. Organizers made gala dinner in honor of this significant event. There were many guests, the mayor of Mahmutlar, as well as the entire team of Sonmez.
The head of our company Mustafa Sonmez, who is a member of the ALTSO Assembly, also visited the meeting where the President of the chamber of Commerce Shaheen made important statements.

President Shaheen said in his speech: “Before the elections, we promised to organize the work of a notary in Mahmutlar, a beautiful district of Alanya. We promised the whole city that he would have his own notary in Mahmutlar, which everyone needs so much. We kept our promise. Now there is a notary No. 6 in Mahmutlar. I congratulate all residents of Mahmutlar and wish good luck, ” said the President of the chamber of Commerce.

On behalf of Sönmez Real Estate & Construction, we would like to Express our infinite gratitude to our Minister, Mr. Mevlut Cavusoglu, who facilitated the arrival of the notary in Mahmutlar, Mr. Mehmet Shaheen, President of ALTSO, and his entire team…



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